Women in Jeopardy!

By Wendy MacLeod | Directed by Sean Daniels

Liz’s best friends want her to be happy, but the dentist she’s smitten with is just plain creepy. And they can’t help but wonder if he may be a serial killer. When he is linked to a mysterious disappearance, they turn their book club into a mash-up of Nancy Drew, Murder She Wrote and Sex and the City. This hilarious comedy reminds us about the value of friendship and the potential value of trading in wine glasses for spy glasses when the mid-life crisis just isn’t your speed.

A Message from Women in Jeopardy! Playwright, Wendy MacLeod

About the Play

Crime and punishment. Law and order. Wine and cheese. One of these is not like the others, except in Wendy MacLeod’s Women in Jeopardy!, a perfectly structured mash-up of a police procedural and Real Housewives, but with a bit more heart. Continue Reading …

Familiar Faces

We are so pleased to have Julia Brothers back on our stages, Julia plays the role of “Jo” in Women in Jeopardy! You may recognize her from ATC’s 2010 production of George is Dead, where she played the role of “Carla.”



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