Our Staff

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Geri Wright
Executive Director
P: 520-209-2721

Matt August
Kasser Family Artistic Director
P: 520-209-2703

Matthew Wiener
Interim Associate Producer
P: 520-209-2731

Elaine Romero
P: 520-463-7674

Mary-Jo Okawa
Associate Company Manager / Education Outreach
P: 520-463-7650

Jamie Lara
Production Manager
P: 520-463-7673

Sheldon Lane
Associate Production Manager
P: 520-209-2688

Stage Management

MyKel Hall
Assistant Stage Manager

Jess O’Connor
SM Apprentice


Arthur Potts
Technical Director

Jared Strickland
Assistant Technical Director

John Crain
Lead Carpenter

Cory Walters

Larry McDonald


Charlotte Alcorn
Charge Scenic Artist

Sammie Nickel
Assistant Scenic Charge


Shadow Gilmore
Props Artisan

Aidyn Corkell
Props & Paints Assistant

Costumes & Wardrobe

Shelly Williams
Costume Shop Director

Sandahl Tremel
Assistant Costume Shop Director

Phyllis Davies
Lead Draper

Caitlin Fanning
Junior Draper

Lindsay McDonald
Assistant Costume Designer

Maggie Clark
Wig and Makeup Supervisor

Jacob Miller
Wardrobe Supervisor

Afton Hensley
Tempe/ Phoenix Lead Dresser

Electrics & Projections

Tiffer Hill
Lighting and Projections Supervisor

Allison Gammons
Lead Electrician

Alexis Glas
Staff Electrician

Wade Yorke
Tempe/Phoenix Light Board Operator


Mathew DeVore
Sound Supervisor

Brianna Moore
Production Sound Engineer

Sophia Rodriguez
Tempe/Phoenix Sound Engineer

Stage Operations

Emma Prange
Tucson Crew Lead

Tanner Gurule
Tempe/Phoenix Crew Lead

Julie Fancher
General Manager
P: 520-463-7654

Nick Cianciotto
Director of Operations and Events
P: 520-209-2733

Cat Tries
Company Manager
P: 520-463-7648

Mary-Jo Okawa
Associate Company Manager / Education Outreach
P: 520-463-7650

Mark Kochman
Chief Financial Officer
P: 602-926-0620

Nancy Kilmer
Sr. Accountant
P: 520-463-7660

Pat Walter
Accounting Coordinator
P: 520-463-7653

Paula Taylor
Chief Development & Marketing Officer
P: 602-888-7848

Carley Elizabeth Preston
Director of Annual Fund & Stewardship
P: 520-463-7669

Gretchen Pace
Grants Manager
P: 520-463-7667

Madison Ablin
Donor Experience & Outreach Coordinator
P: 520-463-7332

Bitty Rosenberg
Director of Marketing
P: 520-463-7663

Richard Giuliani
Creative & Brand Manager
P: 520-209-2663

Ethan Hoover
Marketing Outreach Coordinator
P: 520-463-7679

Marina Nelson
Digital Marketing Coordinator
P: 520-463-7668

Nicholas Kuhn
Digital Marketing Coordinator
P: 520-463-7334

Juliet Martin
Director of Patron Services
P: 520-463-7649

Linda Schwartz
Assistant Director of Patron Services
P: 602-926-0619

Richard Ragsdale
Patron Services Manager
P: 520-487-6375

Carrie Luker
Assistant Box Office Manager
P: 520-463-7672

Keith LaSpaluto
Assistant Box Office Manager
P: 602-888-7843

Sarah Smiley
Patron Services Associate
P: 520-463-7682

Sophia Nagore
Patron Services Associate
P: 520-463-7665

Katelin Andrews
Patron Services Associate

Wendy Sander
Patron Services Associate

Bill Bethel
House Manager
P: 520-547-3981

Horace Ashley
Facilities Manager
P: 520-631-5894

Dean Morgan
Maintenance Supervisor

Jesus Francies
Facilities Staff

Derrick Herrera
Facilities Staff