Book by Lauren Gunderson, Music by Bree Lowdermilk, Lyrics by Kait Kerrigan | Directed by Melissa Crespo

A world premiere musical journey with two of the world’s most iconic women at the height of their power.

It is 1993, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just joined the United States Supreme Court; the first and only other woman there, Sandra Day O’Connor, is ready to welcome her and get to work. In an intimate, epic three-person new musical built of sweeping songs, urgent conversations about equality, and truly human heroines, we come to know these two iconic justices at the height of their power. Through a third character, Vera, rising through the ranks of the law, we discover how O’Connor and Ginsburg inspire, challenge, and propel the next generation of changemakers and trailblazers in American jurisprudence. Ruth, Sandra and Vera confront each other about equal justice under the law, strategy, civil rights, husbands, kids, dreams, sorrows, and how to set a new course for our country and the world.

  • "Not every regional theater has the guts, the means and the talent to create a new musical. Arizona Theatre Company does. And that is a huge accomplishment."
    - Arizona Daily Star
  • "If Broadway is in the cards, don't be surprised and remember where it all started…Don’t walk. RUN to ATC and see Justice."
    - Broadway World

The run time of Justice is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, there is no intermission. | For information about our venues, click here.

A Message from Justice Creative, Lauren Gunderson

About the Play

There are The Supremes (Florence Ballard, Diana Ross, Mary Wilson). And then there are THE Supremes – Thurgood Marshall, Warren Burger, Earl Warren, et al. Both are recognized for their lasting impact on the world they inhabit. Both have been given to periodic internal dissent. Both sometimes slide a tad too close to the political. Both have been known to sing. At least from the creative minds of Lauren Gunderson, Kait Kerrigan and Bree Lowdermilk, that’s true. Here we have Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court, alongside the next woman appointed to the Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, inspiring each other, through song and memories, and reminding us what it took to hold true to their respective beliefs and values. Watching it all unfold is the current, fictional, appointee – Vera – the heir to the legacy we see established by O’Connor and Ginsberg.

This is not meant to be glib, this connection between The Supremes and the Supreme Court; rather, it is meant to suggest that there is something significant when women are included in the mix – whether we are talking about the music that shapes a generation or the legal decisions that impact every citizen of the United States. Continue Reading …

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