Private Lives

By Noël Coward | Directed by KJ Sanchez

Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

Amanda and Elyot are enjoying a romantic honeymoon – just not with each other. This hilarious classic comedy filled with clever, witty barbs starts when an explosive divorced couple and their new spouses inadvertently honeymoon in adjacent rooms at the same hotel. When combustible chemistry reignites, mayhem occurs, and strong passions and stronger personalities take over. Noël Coward’s most popular and enduring comedy is a funny, tempestuous battle of equals. Director KJ Sanchez introduces new locations and time periods that add glamour and grit to Coward’s iconic, wry comedy. Complete with sultry tango rhythms and dancing, the first act takes place in 1930s Argentina, while Acts 2 and 3 are set in modern-day Uruguay.

  • "Hugo E. Carbajal and Sarita Ocón are perfect as Elyot and Amanda, respectively. Volatile and on the brink of combusting at any moment, they create a believable, well-matched, and self-absorbed couple with plenty of chemistry."
    - Talkin' Broadway
  • "… a solid cast, beautiful costumes, and an impressive set … "
    - Arizona Daily Star
  • "Resa's humorous emotional tantrums are nicely balanced by Morales-Woolery's stuffiness, and both create fully dimensional characters with solid stage presences that hold their own against the powerful ones by Carbajal and Ocón."
    - Talkin' Broadway

The run time of Private Lives is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, including one intermission. | For more information about our venues, click here.

Noel Coward’s “Private Lives” Reimagined at Arizona Theatre Company

Arizona Theatre Company, recognized as the Official State Theatre, is excited to be producing Noël Coward’s Private Lives. Director KJ Sanchez introduces new locations and time periods for the project that add glamour, grace, and Tango to Coward’s iconic, wry comedy. The first act will take place in 1931 Argentina, while the second act takes place in modern-day Uruguay… Continue Reading

About the Playwright: Noël Coward

Noël Peirce Coward was born in 1899 and made his professional stage debut as Prince Mussel in The Goldfish at the age of 12, leading to many child actor appearances over the next few years. His breakthrough in playwriting was the controversial The Vortex (1924), which featured themes of drugs and adultery and made his name as both actor and playwright in the West End and on Broadway. Continue Reading

KJ Sanchez Directs Private Lives

ATC has had the pleasure of working with countless talented and insightful directors throughout its years as a company. With ATC’s addition of Noël Coward’s Private Lives, comes the addition of accomplished director KJ Sanchez. Growing up on a ranch as the youngest of 12, Sanchez had her sights set on becoming a physical therapist. In her eyes, her life did not indicate a path … Continue Reading

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