The Lion

By Benjamin Scheuer | Directed by Sean Daniels & Alex Stenhouse

Some stories have to be sung.
Arizona Theatre Company in association with Danielle Tarento presents “The Lion,” a heartwarming and powerful tour de force. This mesmerizing true story of survival reminds us that great things can come from challenging times. Max Alexander-Taylor stars in the lead role of Ben with a supporting cast of five guitars. “The Lion” is a story about courage with music about finding it. Co-Produced with Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

  • "This is a rare treat. If you're still on the fence, time to reconsider."
    - BroadwayWorld
  • "... this is an incredibly life-affirming theatrical experience. I suspect that, when word spreads, this will become a very hot ticket all over again. It certainly deserves to. Go, see, feel, weep and wallow … it's a little masterpiece."
    - WhatsOnStage
  • "Alexander-Taylor presents Ben’s story with such emotional honesty it’s difficult to believe that this isn’t his journey."
    - The Stage
  • "It is a simply gorgeous piece of writing and sublime theatre making that is now the revival of the year ..."
    - Shenton Stage

About the Play: The Lion

Traditional music theater scores are said to need a good old fashioned “I want” song – maybe what is needed in the midst of a slightly more … nuanced … world is something akin to what Benjamin Scheuer gives us in The Lion.  Scheuer tells us “Ben’s” wish in the third line, “There is nothing I want more than to play like him.” The “him” in question is his father, who, “in another life would have been a musician.” Young Ben, age eleven, adores his father, especially when they are making music together. But, like so many other stories of fathers and sons, these wants and adorations change, and sometimes disappear. And so when Ben’s father gets angry and walks away from him after a bad report card when he is fourteen, Ben’s want changes: he doesn’t want to be like his father anymore.

Ben articulates his evolving wants throughout The Lion. He wants to be a better communicator, he wants to make noise, he wants to disappear, he wants to go away, and, ultimately, he wants “this thing” to go away. Continue Reading …

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“The Lion” performed by Benjamin Scheuer and Max Alexander-Taylor

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