Blog Q&A with Seth Tucker
Oct 18, 2021

Q&A with Seth Tucker

Meet Seth Tucker

Seth conducted this interview while working at Barnstormers Theatre in New Hampshire. Renowned as the oldest summer stock of 91 years in the country, he is currently performing in a reimagined telling of “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. In this new work titled “Far From Canterbury,” he is the only non-New Yorker in the project; and he is from our state of Arizona! Seth will perform in ATC’s production of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley as Arthur deBourgh.

Q&A: Seth Tucker

Q:   You have managed to stay busy during the shutdown. How has the pandemic shifted your audition process?

A:   Well, you’re being cast and hired virtually, so it doesn’t matter if you live in New York anymore. It has really revolutionized what you can audition for. Now you don’t have worry about travel time on the subway, or wait four hours to be seen, it allows us to audition from home while we are working to subsidize what we’ve lost as we haven’t performed for 18 months.

Q:   Let’s talk about your life as an artist and all the different jobs that you have, what was the last thing you directed?

A:  I directed Shout the Musical at Arizona Broadway Theatre. Their first musical on their mainstage back in March since the pandemic. It was a beautiful and safe experience. The last thing I performed in was Murder for Two at the Phoenix Theatre Co. So, I feel like I have been part of revamping the community, which has been fulfilling after everything in the last year

Q:   You also have your own arts-based company called the “acting up” series. What prompted you to create this?

A:   A couple of years ago in New York, I started producing and writing and making stuff from scratch. I started a web series, musicals, and created concerts, fundraisers, and benefits. When we shut down, I couldn’t produce because initially it was all in person things. But we pivoted and focused on making music videos for large groups. I used this as an opportunity to grow my business from the safety of my home. Arizona theaters were reluctant to embrace the digital platform, and we were able to benefit from it. We have officially established “Acting Up” as an LLC and are open for hire focusing on both digital and in person events!

Q:   Now our audience doesn’t know, but you are quite the vocalist. What vocal part do you sing?

A:   Baritenor, the same as John Legend.

Q:    Did you study dance?

A: I took some dance classes, but I preferred music and building characters, so I really leaned more into acting.

Q:   What is your favorite role that you have played?

A: My favorite role is from my favorite musical, which is Parade by Jason Robert Brown. It is a beautiful and heart-breaking show. I played Leo Frank, and I have done it twice now. The music is soaring, and it gives me the chance as a musical theatre actor to really delve into a meaty role.

Q:    What is on the horizon for you?

A:   Immediately following “Far from Canterbury” I will be starting rehearsals for Spelling Bee at Arizona State University, in which I will be directing and choreographing. We are excited to play with the setting, and it will be a true ‘90s period piece. I am excited to develop this fresh take with the ASU students. After that I am headed to Tucson!!!

Q:   Why are you excited to be a part of our production of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley?

A: Starting in October, I am going to Tucson for the first time in 20 years to work with the one theatre left in Arizona that I haven’t had the chance to work at: our state theatre! AND playing a new role in the Jane Austen world. I am excited to work alongside people I have been dying to work with like Veronika Duerr and Sean Daniels, and to work with others in our community at the most impressive theatre we have in Arizona.