Blog Let’s Talk Shop: The Wingfield’s Apartment

Let’s Talk Shop: The Wingfield’s Apartment

In any stage production, as soon as our eyes hit the stage we’re met with the careful collaboration of each element of design. The lights, sound, and scenic design work together to transport us into the world of the play. And if done well, the world outside of the play begins to disappear. At ATC, we are constantly striving to achieve this level of realness and creativity. With Tennesse Williams’ The Glass Menagerie as our next production, bringing the play to life starts early and the hard work starts now.

We sat down with Assistant Charge Scenic Artist, Sammie Nickel, to talk about the foundation of the Wingfield home. That’s right. The floor. While the Wingfield family might not always be grounded in reality, this set will certainly make you feel as if you are right there in their home because of how detailed and intricate the floorwork is. And yet, believe it or not, the floor is not created by placing floorboards down in these beautiful patterns. They are created and brought to life with the illusion of paints! Here’s a look at how our scenic team got it done.

Sammie created several samples of colors and designs inspired by Scenic Designer, Josefeth Reyonoso’s vision.

After receiving approval, our two-person team began the meticulous task of painting boards slot by slot with the aid of a stencil. Now, not even one week later, over two hundred 2’x2’ boards have been painted and laid out.

Make sure to get your tickets to see The Glass Menagerie to see the finished designed. It may look a something like this…