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May 5, 2023

The Tony Nominations are in! 

It’s time to celebrate the power of theatre and the artists who make it happen. Often, shows seen on Broadway get their start on regional stages like Arizona Theatre Company. As one of 75 LORT Regional theatres in the country, ATC has a long history of developing world-class theatre in Arizona, and eventually transitioning works […]

Feature: Matt August Talks New Role As Artistic Director, Programming Future at Arizona Theatre Company

ATC’s new leader is no stranger to directing — or to Arizona, for that matter. By Robert Encila-Celdran. Originally published by Matt August recalls his first introduction to Arizona Theatre Company as a fortuitous occasion. The year was 2015, a theater season that culminated with a show he directed – the eccentric and lengthily titled three-hander, The Gospel According […]

Review: Arizona Theatre Company’s ‘Pru Payne’ Shines a Light on the Complexities of Dementia

By M.V. Moorhead. Originally published by Phoenix Magazine. “Keep your mind active.” We’re often told that this is a key to long term cognitive health: doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku or Wordle, reading, writing. But being a famous, award-winning critic and essayist hasn’t kept Prudence “Pru” Payne from one of the scourges of aging: dementia. […]

Review: PRU PAYNE at Arizona Theatre Company

By Herbert Paine. Originally published by Pru Payne is a lost and found story. The title character, Prudence ‘Pru’ Payne (Mimi Kennedy), is a witty and sharp-tongued critic who, while being honored by her peers, starts showing signs of dementia. Despite losing some of her memories, she makes a few new ones with Augustus ‘Gus’ […]

Review: “Pru Payne” – Arizona Theatre Company

By Chris Curcio. Originally published on Curtain Up Phoenix. Arizona rarely sees world premiere plays and often when plays begin here they aren’t stellar.  So, it is wonderful that the Arizona Theatre Company’s Pru Payne is such a remarkable piece. Steven Drukman’s play is a sensitive and touching telling of dementia’s impacts on two very […]