Inside ATC Artist: Rio Finnegan

Rio Finnegan

couldn’t be more happy to be making his debut at ATC as the Accessibility Coach of The Glass Menagerie (2023). He graduated in Film from Santa Fe University of Art & Design, to which he was awarded the Robert Redford Milagro Initiative Scholarship. In his time there, he worked on many projects including Hello World and 1-900, which was accepted into The El Paso Media Fest and The National Film Festival For Talented Youth and is still being considered other festivals. He was Assistant Director and Producer on the films Ding Dongs and CC Dances the Go-Go. He has been a frequent lecturer at the UofA about disability in film, pushing forward his message that we don’t just need more representation from disabled actors, we need more representation by disabled writers. As a film producer and disabled man, he wants to show the audience that everyone has a beautiful story to tell in their own way, you just have to be receptive to listening to it.