Inside ATC Artist: Richard Chomps Thompson

Richard Chomps Thompson

is a playwright, screenwriter, producer, and performer who was previously an understudy in ATC’s Pru Payne. While his acting career has spanned live stage, voice over, film, and contemporary art installations, as a writer he is still a Hearst poet at heart along with being a James Beard nominee. His work in production has afforded him the incredible network of Friends in Film through A-listers (Janet Urban), Monsoon Productions (Tucson), Bitfire Entertainment (Phoenix), Lori Lyle Films (Lori Lyle), Seelie Studios, Avai Films, and many others. He has locally produced original manuscripts including Last Call and the 2019 Tucson Fringe Festival’s The GRANDest Pageant as well as his film short You.kNow.Me? (Apex award nominee). Stage performances include Boy Willie in PCC’s The Piano Lesson, Emergency with Invisible Theatre, Trigoran in Stupid F$#@kin’ Bird, and Cal in The Little Foxes with Winding Road. Recent film and television credits include A Kind of Mystery – A Question of Guilt, The Love Song for William H. Shaw, The Majestic, Twixxx (Toronto Film Festival nominee), Maya: The Series, and The Prototype, and Becoming Tiffany. In 2024, he will be directing and producing Goodbye, Acacia.