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ATC’s Social Media Channels

ATC’s Social Media Guide

Why do we have these guidelines?

  • Think of this as a tour of best practices to keep artists, staff, and Arizona Theatre Company (ATC) safe online.
  • We encourage all artists and staff to follow ATC on social media to stay up-to-date on all our shows, events, and more!

Media Engagement

  • Take extra care to protect both yourself and ATC.
  • Use common sense, remember that professional, straightforward, and appropriate communication is best!
  • ATC encourages staff and artists to tag us on social media! Actors are given personalized, show specific social media graphics for their personal use. Examples for artists to engage with ATC on social media include visiting the theatre for the first time, working in the rehearsal room, during tech week, and behind the scenes when appropriate. Examples for staff include a behind the scenes project that you’ve been working on and attending a performance. Please do not share any show spoilers or surprises on social media.
  • Engage positively with our content online by liking, resharing, and/or commenting through your personal pages.
  • As you post about ATC, help us boost our brand and season productions by encouraging your friends and family to visit our website ( for more information and using our hashtags #ATC #ATC56 #ATCBarefootInThePark #ATCScroogeTheMusical #ATCIntimateApparel #ATCMasterClass #ATCTrueWest
  • Be Kind, have fun, and connect!


  • Avoid sharing confidential information. This includes private information about coworkers, personal communications, financial disclosures, research and development news, upcoming products, or other sensitive information.

Harassment Policy

  • Arizona Theatre Company will not tolerate any form of social media harassment. If any artist or staff member needs to report an issue, please notify your department lead and/or email HR at

Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Arizona Theatre Company prioritizes representation in the theatre and online. Inclusivity guidelines include, but are not limited to:
    • Don’t make assumptions about gender, race, experience, or ability 
    • Use preferred pronouns when appropriate, feel free to share your preferred pronouns, and always respect the pronouns of others 
    • When possible, provide descriptive captions for images and subtitles for videos 
    • Celebrating heritage such as Latinx Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women’s Herstory Month, Native American Heritage Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and more

Please Note

  • ATC will not monitor personal activity nor use any personal information against any artist or staff member. However, while artists and staff members are representing ATC (while working or wearing a logo), we ask that you be respectful and not post anything online that is inappropriate, dishonest, or offensive.

Questions? Contact Director of Marketing Bitty Rosenberg