Blog Arizona Theatre Company to Conclude 56th Season With Sam Shepard’s TRUE WEST

Arizona Theatre Company to Conclude 56th Season With Sam Shepard’s TRUE WEST

By Chloe Rabinowitz. Originally published on

Arizona Theatre Company will present Sam Shepard’s True West in an electrifying conclusion to its 56th season. This raw and gripping production promises audiences a hilariously unforgettable journey into the heart of family, rivalry, and the American Dream.

True West depicts the turbulent relationship between two estranged brothers, Austin and Lee, as they find themselves thrust together in their absent mother’s Western suburban home. Their opposite Cain and Abel personalities collide in a fierce battle for dominance, sparking a chain reaction of unexpected consequences that shatters the bonds of brotherhood.

A Pulitzer Prize finalist and Tony-nominated play that launched the careers of well-known stars John Malkovich and Gary Sinise, True West is considered the “heavyweight championship of the world” for actors. It has turned journeymen into celebrities and attracted established film stars back to the stage to great acclaim: Philip Seymour Hoffman vs. John C. Reilly, Tommy Lee Jones vs. Peter Boyle, and Ethan Hawke vs. Paul Dano, just to name a few iconic pairings.

True West is definitely the climax of our season.” says Matt August, Kasser Family Artistic Director. “It’s a hilarious and chaotic play that is almost impossible to produce because of the huge demands it puts on actors and production teams.” He notes that the brothers fight and destroy the set with every one of the 38 performances.

“We are very lucky that we have the resources as the State Theatre to produce this play correctly and give it the production it requires and deserves. Our relentless team here at ATC is supporting a creative team made up of some of the hottest folks in the industry right now. They are serving up a five-course meal with this one. Before there was Quentin Tarantino, before Martin McDonagh and Robert Rodriguez, before Breaking Bad, Deadwood, and Game of Thrones, there was Sam Shepard cutting the trail with his play True West.”

The A-List team of creatives boasts Tony-nominated and international designers, Broadway and regional repertory actors, and one of the most in-demand directors working today. “ATC has truly gathered the best and brightest for this monster!” August says.

As ATC celebrates the culmination of their most successful season since the COVID shutdown, True West promises to leave a lasting impression, showcasing the company’s commitment to producing world-class professional theatre.