Blog Arizona Theatre Company Participating in Scottsdale Fashion Square’s ‘Shop it Forward’ Initiative

Arizona Theatre Company Participating in Scottsdale Fashion Square’s ‘Shop it Forward’ Initiative

To honor their 60-plus years in the community, Scottsdale Fashion Square is once again giving back to the many nonprofit partners who have supported us through the decades. Scottsdale Fashion Square is calling upon shoppers to pay it forward through its “Shop It Forward” program. The program has been extended for shoppers to have more time to log receipts and will be taking place now – February 15, 2024.

Shop It Forward is a grassroots community program that allows participating nonprofits to earn points from qualified purchases. Customers can shop, dine and enjoy entertainment at Scottsdale Fashion Square, then submit their receipts to earn $2,000 to $10,000 for one of five participating nonprofit organizations.
Under the Shop It Forward Program, nonprofit volunteers, staff and other supporters submit receipts from retailers, restaurants, and entertainment-related businesses at Scottsdale Fashion Square to earn points for their nonprofit. Based on the total points, each participating nonprofit receives a share of funds, based on their final points ranking, as compared with other participating nonprofits.

  • Receipts are subject to verification of eligibility, including the date of receipt, submission date, store location and purchase amount. Receipts may only be submitted once per purchase transaction.
  • For every $1.00 in receipts from stores located in Scottsdale Fashion Square, a participating nonprofit will receive 5 points in the Shop It Forward Program.
  • During key periods, different retail/restaurant categories will be highlighted for shoppers to receive bonus-point opportunities as determined by Scottsdale Fashion Square.

For more information on the ‘Shop it Forward program’, visit Scottsdale Fashion Square | Shop It Forward.