Blog A Letter from Pemberley Cast Member Seth Tucker
Dec 10, 2021

A Letter from Pemberley Cast Member Seth Tucker

Dear ATC Family,

The wait is over. The silence that befell the theatre has lifted. The darkness that filled our stage has been banished, and the emptiness that filled both our seats and hearts has once again been filled. Theatre is back and better than ever at Arizona Theatre Company, and the timing has beautifully coincided with a season that celebrates family, love, and the Christmas spirit.

I am over the moon to have a small part in the restarting of theatre in Arizona. From our first day of meeting, greeting, and reading Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley around a large table to the many hours of tech that brought our gorgeous set to life, the journey has been one full of hope.

This show is not only an instant holiday classic, but it also represents the start of a new era for us all. One that raises up the voices of women, with bold strength and fresh perspective. An era that showcases the diversity of our own community, with actors and creatives from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities, representing both national and local Arizona artists. After the last two years we’ve experienced, this next generation is built on a shared understanding of the journey we’ve all been on in order to get to this moment.

The theatre is once again a safe space to feel the electricity of a live performance and shared experience. The joy you see on our faces is so much more than acting; it is our pride, hope, and relief shining through. Now, we add the final ingredient. You. The audience. Welcome back to the theatre … we’ve missed you.

With All My Love,
Seth Tucker
AKA Lord Arthur De Bourgh